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Shepparton pool Service

Shepparton Pool Service


Shepparton Pool Service is a family owned company that provides pool cleaning and maintenance services for Shepparton. We have years of experience caring for all types of pools. Our service technicians are available for regular scheduled cleanings, seasonal maintenance, and equipment service and repairs.

Let us take care of your pool maintenance so you can sit back and enjoy your Summer. Enjoy your pool instead of working on your pool. Our regular pool service will ensure you have clear and healthy water for the entire season. Contact our team of expert pool service technicians today.

About Us

The team at Shepparton Pool Service is fully trained and experienced at pool care. Our cleaners have years of experience caring for above and inground pools. We offer services that will have your pool clean and ready to swim in. Our maintenance packages will keep your pool spotless all season while you can sit back relax and enjoy your pool. Do you need seasonal pool services? We are experts at opening and closing pools for the change of season. We also have expert service technicians available for any service repairs you may require. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to schedule an appointment or for a free quote.


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Our Services

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Shepparton Pool Service provides a variety of pool maintenance, repair and cleaning options. We have cleaners available for regular scheduled pool maintenance and cleaning. Enjoy your pool while we care for its weekly or monthly cleaning. Is your water unhealthy or green? We can provide you with pool water balancing services and regular pool services that will have your pool sparkling. We are also experts at pool maintenance and repair. Let us care for your filter system, cracked tiles, and leak issues. We have expert technicians available that can care for all your pool maintenance and service needs.

Pool Maintenance
Pool Cleaning
Sand Filter Change

Pool Maintenance

We offer a variety of pool maintenance options that will ensure your pool is running at optimal levels. We can repair any parts of your pool or filter. Common problems such as low flow, algae, stain removal and leak detections are our specialty. We can cure your green pool problems in a few days! Interested in adding lighting to your pool? We have LED options that can brighten your pool for night swimming. Our technicians are on-call and can provide you with quick and efficient pool maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Let the team at Shepparton Pool Service handle all your pool cleaning services. You should take time and enjoy your pool instead of wasting time cleaning and maintaining it. Our cleaning teams will check and adjust your water chemistry, vacuum, clean filters and empty baskets. We also offer deep cleanings that involve scrub tiles and pool walls. Let us ensure you always have clean and healthy water with our pool cleaning service.

Sand Filter Change

You should change regularly change your pool filter sand. The sand accumulates contaminants, bugs, bacteria and dirt during use. Over time the water smooths the san and can cause your filtration to slow or fail. We offer a sand filter change service that will provide your filtration system with fresh sand. We will remove and dispose of your contaminated sand and provide you with new sand. After service, your filter will run more efficiently and effectively.

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Pool Water Balancing
Regular Pool Servicing
Equipment Service and Repairs

Pool Water Balancing

Our pool service technicians are expert chemists when it comes to pool water. We can provide you with a pool water balancing service that will have provide you with crystal clear water, proper alkalinity, accurate PH levels and calcium hardness. After analyzing your pool water, we will perform the proper chemical balancing to ensure your water is at the correct levels. Contact us today if your water chemical levels are incorrect.

Regular Pool Servicing

We can provide you with expert regular pool servicing. Depending on your needs, we can provide weekly cleanings, monthly maintenance or seasonal maintenance. We offer pool closing and opening services. No need to worry about the health of your pool during off-season. We will close your pool and ensure it is ready to open next season. We offer shock services for pools that in need of some extra help. Contact our team today for any of your regular pool servicing needs.

Equipment Service and Repairs

Shepparton Pool Service is a full -service pool equipment repair service. We can provide service and repairs to any type of pool or filtration system. Your filter is essential to the health of your water. If you are experiencing filter issues, give us a call today and our repairmen can arrive and diagnose your problems today. Is your pool leaking or do you have cracked or missing tiles? Contact our customer service team for a consultation today.

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Contact Us Today

Shepparton Pool Service is the premier pool service company in Shepparton. We have a customer service team available to help your resolve any of your pool related needs. You can contact us at our phone number below or by email. Our contact form goes directly to our customer service representative. Are you a previous or current customer? We’d love to hear feedback on our services. We strive to be the best pool cleaner and pool maintenance company. Your feedback will help us reach that goal.

“Shepparton Pool Service has been our go-to pool cleaning company for years. They keep our pool clean and water crystal clear all Summer. The service is amazing and affordable. Thanks!” – Harold P.

“We hired Shepparton Pool Service to repair our ailing filter. The filter was barely pumping water and our pool was not looking healthy. Their technician was able to repair the broken pump and now our pool is looking great again!” – Kim F.

“I’ve tried and failed to maintain my pool’s chemical levels for years. We finally hired the pros at Shepparton Pool Service to care for our pool this Summer. Our pool has never been cleaner, and it looks amazing.” – Wendy R.